Top 10 Christmas Presents for Babies, Mommies and Daddies

Cuddle Sneeky

So adorable that you might just want to bring them to bed yourself!

baby toy sneeky in blue and red stripe

Cuddle toys of natural material, simple design and top quality.

Cuddle toys are of a great importance for the development of the child. they teach love sharing, gives comfort and friendship. Keptin-Jr takes cuddles seriously and produces the best cuddles and comforters for children.


miomassoulino teething stick massoulino teething stick with baby

This small teething toy for babies from 3 months is ideal for baby’s small hands. Filled with 100% organic cotton the miomassoulino is perfect for when babies first start holding things and love chewing on something.

Organic, washable and trendy!


μπαμπάς με μωρό σε στρωματάκι αγκαλιάς mionido αγοράκι κρατάει μωρό σε στρωματακι αγκαλιάς mionido

With the  mionido we carry the infant in our arms , transfer it safely and offer a soft, familiar nest .... and a  cuddling sensation.The mionido acts as a supportive backbone, supports the infant’s neck and provides a stable microenvironment which is necessary for the newborn to feel emotional security and remain calm, happy and relaxed during the firs 2-3 months of its life on earth.


μαμα σε βόλτα με μωρό σε μαρσιπο manduca μαμάδες με μωρά σε μάρσιπο αγκαλιάς manduca

The Manduca’s unique design makes carrying your child a pleasure both for you and for them!


μωρό σε καρότσι με σκούφο απο οργανικό μαλλι μπλέ και προβιά μάλλινο σκουφάκι για μωρό μπλέ λευκό μαλλινο σκουφάκι για μωρό κόκκινο μάλλινο σκουφάκι για μωρά

The human body loses approximately 30 % of the body warmth through the head. Therefore it is especially important to protect the baby’s and child’s heads.

The outer of our bonnet is made with warming merino wool, lined inside with soft cotton interlock, the bonnet is not itching and protects the ears from wind and weather with the special cut.
Two knitted wool ribbons on the sides ensure that the bonnet stays in place.


μωρό πανο σε προβιά γελάει μωρό σε καρότσι με προβιά

Lambskins create a general feeling of well-being, helping baby relax and promoting blood circulation. A natural air cushion between the skin and the lambskin creates a breathable zone. Lambskins consist 100% of proteins and  have anti-bactericidal, dirt-repellent and natural self-cleaning properties. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture in the form of water vapour without feeling cold or damp.