What gift can I get for a baby shower?

I would like it to be practical and unique!

Nursing Pillow:

 a new moms essential companion is a comfy nursing pillow! Na new mom may find herself nursing for the better part of the day! This is a practical present for a baby shower, as it can be used as a support pillow from pregnancy. Our nursing pillows have an organic cotton cover and a filled with natural spelt. Refined with natural caoutchouc the organic spelt filling is durable, long-lasting and enables air exchange in the cushion. 

maxilari thilasmou

Gift Card

Wanting to buy a gift but not sure what to get?

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Select a Gift Card which is delivered by email to you to pass on and contains instructions to redeem it at checkout. Our Digital Gift Cards have no additional processing fees. The perfect gift for baby showers, baptisms, and new parents!

Maternity Bola

The perfect gift for a mother to be! Maternity bolas are generally worn on long necklaces or cords and rest on the belly of the pregnant mom-to-be. From about the 20th week of pregnancy the unborn baby is able to recognize the soft calming chime coming from the bola. In this way the soft soothing sound calms the unborn baby and can even have relaxing benefits for the mom.

mousiko mentagion egkymosynhs

The real benefits of the bola come after the birth. Therefore they are often worn for a period of time after the baby is born. The baby recognizes the soft, calming chime of the maternity bola and this has a relaxing effect on both mommy and baby. At this time, the mum will shorten the necklace so that the baby can hear it and play with the bola while being held.

musiko mentagion baby feet

In some cultures like the Balinese a maternity bola is a keepsake, passed on from Mother to Daughter.


stroma moro mionido

The mionido is .... their nest! 
        The mionido is .... their little home in our big house!
                The mionido is .... their place of familiarity!

With the mionido we carry the infant in our arms, transfer it safely and offer a soft, familiar nest .... and a cuddling sensation. The mionido acts as a supportive backbone, supports the infant’s neck and provides a stable microenvironment which is necessary for the newborn to feel emotional security and remain calm, happy and relaxed during the first 2-3 months of its life on earth.

The perfect gift that is super useful and nobody else will think of!

Baby Carrier Manduca

A useful present that will also make dad happy for many years to come!

ergonomiko marsipo

The Manduca’s unique design makes carrying your child a pleasure!

    marsipo agkalias

    Comfort for your child:

    • adjustable head and neck rest
    • upholstered buckles
    • zippers and snap-fasteners are all nickel-free
    • lining is 100% certified organic cotton
    • promotes proper ergonomic sitting posture
    • M position

    Comfort for you:

    • extra wide belts at the hip and shoulder ensure even weight distribution
    • sophisticated belt system enabling you to adjust the Manduca to fit you perfectly
    •  the baby carrier only weighs 600 g
    •  inner lining made from organic cotton, extra soft and tough

    Maternity and Nursing Nightdress

    A must have present for every mom to be! 

    nixtiko gia egkyo nixtiko egkymosynhs mauro


    The perfect present for a newborn baby: Baby Hammok Koala

    Rocking in the Koala baby hammock gently lulls your baby to sleep, gives comfort and security, and promotes baby's sense of balance. Further, the hammock's snug shape helps your baby to learn hand/foot coordination and, by taking weight off baby's tummy, provides relief when s/he has trapped wind.

    Cloth Nappies

    The perfect present for an eco conscious mom!
    yfasmatines panes


    yfasmatini pana popolini


    We recommend 18-20 nappies and two covers. Please free to call us on 2106229885 so we can answer any questions you may have.

    Lambskins for babies

    Lambskins create a general feeling of relaxation, helping baby sleep and promoting blood circulation

    provies gia moro


    provia moro karotsi

    breathable zone is created through a  natural air cushion between the skin and the lambskin. Merino Lambskins consist 100% of proteins and therefore have natural anti-bactericidal, dirt-repellent and self-cleaning properties. 

    Light weight and ideal for travelling helping your baby sleep in different places. The lambskin can also absorb sweat immediately, giving it off to the air seven times faster than synthetics. 
    Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture in the form of water vapor without feeling cold or damp.  Regular shaking out and airing of the skin neutralizes odors and helps the wool stay fresh. Lambskins even out the body temperature, are breathable, elastic and hardwearing. Lambskins regulate the body temperature and are therefore ideal for summer and winter use.

    The perfect present that only you will think of!


    Sleeping bag

    The felinchen sleeping bag from Popolini iobio is flexibly applicable to almost any season. In the summer he can be used as a single sleeping bag. And in the winter he proves himself as a liner or as an “inner sleeping bag” in a thick sleeveless sleeping bag.

    sleeping bag gia mora

    The material – 100 % organic cotton – is soft and high-quality. Nappy change is easy, because the sleeping bag has a zip that opens all the way around. The round shape provides enough room, when baby is kicking.

    Organic cotton used to make iobio clothes result from certified farm and are without any toxin. Iobio organic cotton is produced according to the international standards (certifications SKAL, IVN, GOTS) and fair and human working conditions.

    Ideal room temperatures: 22-24°C

    The perfect present for mom and baby: A Hammock to relax in

    Enjoy nursing your little one in a hammock!

    aiora gia thilasmo

    The Brazil hanging chair gives a feeling of weightlessness and even weight distribution thanks to the numerous suspension cords.

    Ideal for mom and baby to relax in!


    Glass Water Bottles

    Supporting your sustainable lifestyle, the Equa glass water bottles will noticeably reduce plastic waste and improve hydration habits.mpoukalia nerou zero waste

    Bambo Νature Gift Box

    The Bambo Nature Gift Box is a fantastic present for baby showers! A super practical gift that every new mother appreciates.

    It contains all the necessary care products for baby's first days in a lovely gift box. You can even buy it for yourself and take it to hospital when you give birth!

    dvro gia baby shower


    Gift this practical box of goodies to a mom to be or send it to her when she gives birth! We will ship it for you! All you have to do is fill out the shipping address of your choice at check out! 

    The perfect welcoming present for a newborn!