Top 10 Christmas Presents for Babies, Mommies and Daddies

Cuddle Sneeky

So adorable that you might just want to bring them to bed yourself!

Cuddle toys of natural material, simple design and top quality.


koudounistra apo organiko bambaki

Cuddle toys are of a great importance for the development of the child. they teach love sharing, gives comfort and friendship. Keptin-Jr takes cuddles seriously and produces the best cuddles and comforters for children.

A Christmas gift for babies that will soon be their favorite companion!


 Gift Card

Wanting to buy a gift but not sure what to get?

karta dvrou mvro dvrokarta mvro mvro dvrokarta dvra gia neogennito mvro

Select a Gift Card which is delivered by email to you to pass on and contains instructions to redeem it at checkout. Our Digital Gift Cards have no additional processing fees. The perfect gift for baby showers, baptisms, and new parents!



This small teething toy for babies from 3 months is ideal for baby’s small hands.


Filled with 100% organic cotton the miomassoulino is perfect for when babies first start holding things and love chewing on something.

Organic, washable and trendy!

A small Christmas present that will go a long way! 


With the  mionido we carry the infant in our arms , transfer it safely and offer a soft, familiar nest .... and a  cuddling sensation.




The mionido acts as a supportive backbone, supports the infant’s neck and provides a stable microenvironment which is necessary for the newborn to feel emotional security and remain calm, happy and relaxed during the firs 2-3 months of its life on earth.

A unique gift that nobody else will think of!



The Manduca’s unique design makes carrying your child a pleasure both for you and for your baby! 

Acknowledged as a "hip-healthy product" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute®.

 marsipo agkalias manduca xtmarsipo manduca

The perfect Christmas present for good friends who are active and like to take their little one with them. 

Black and White Cards for Babies

Babies have the ability to see, but are unable still to coordinate and focus. They are near sighted and cannot see far very well. However, they can distinguish black and white.

A Christmas present for newborn babies that all new parents love! 



Lambskins create a general feeling of well-being, helping baby relax and promoting blood circulation. A natural air cushion between the skin and the lambskin creates a breathable zone. Lambskins consist 100% of proteins and  have anti-bactericidal, dirt-repellent and natural self-cleaning properties. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture in the form of water vapor without feeling cold or damp. 

 mvro se probia probia mvroy se karotsi

 A Christmas gift that babies will use for many years!


Outdoor Overall for Baby

Our new baby overall cotton fleece from GOTS certified organic cotton is ideal for taking baby outdoors during the cold season. The Baby overall is made from certified cotton fleece fabric and ideal for the cold season and the in-between seasons. 

forma exodou mvrou prasini mvro me ekrou formaki

New parents will love this present as it is breathable, warm and without polyester!


Baby Hammock Koala Set

Baby Hammock Koala: 2 in one - Both a hammock and a wooden stand. The Koala set includes a baby hammock and stand and allows babies to be close to their parents anywhere within the house, in the garden or on the road.

aivra gia mvro aivres gia mvra

Liz Lamb Soft Toy Comforter with heartbeat sound and white noise

Liz the Lamb by Zazu is a soft toy like a quilt, that calms and soothes your newborn baby. It uses a range of sounds and melodies which are proven to be effective in helping babies relax and fall asleep.