How to care for your nappies

It's easier than you think.


Remove solid waste into toilet (sprayer, dedicated spatulas, or liners are useful). If baby is exclusively breastfed, waste is water soluble and can be rinsed in the sink or put straight into the washing machine – note that leaving poop inside the nappy for longer periods can result in staining.
Rinse nappies in cold water, store in dry pail with adequate ventilation/airflow until prewash. This is very important to prevent mould and ammonia build up.
Prewash every 1-2 days on short cycle with half detergent and return to pail.


Main wash, long cycle and high-water level (regular cotton cycle works well). Wash your nappies on 40-60deg Celsius. Please note that higher temperatures for longer periods of time will shorten the life of your nappies and void your warranty. Put in other baby clothes or smaller clothing items to assist in agitation and fill wash, conserving water.


Line dry sideways out of direct sunlight (at least during the hottest part of the day), to preserve the PUL lining and elastics. Inserts may be tumble dried on low; remove straight after cycle is complete


It's really just that simple.

Please see our FAQs for when you first purchase your nappy for prep instructions.

How to keep your nappies happy:

Cloth nappies work differently to their disposable cousins. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your nappies working for you.

Nappy Creams

Always use a liner when using conventional nappy creams. The ingredients in these can build up on your nappies and affect their life and absorbency. Ensure that cloth safe nappy creams are well rubbed in to prevent any build up in the lining of your nappies.


Avoid detergents which contain fabric softener, optical brighteners or bleach as these can shorten the life of your nappies. Join our Facebook support group for the most up to date detergent recommendations.


Avoid soaking nappies in any solution, unless advised by Vivilino. These include vanish or those soakers containing chlorine bleaching agents. Bleach should only be used on advice from the manufacturer and misuse will void your manufacturer’s warranty.


Avoid excess UV (direct sunlight in the hottest hours of the day) as these will shorten the life of your nappies.


For help and support, plus loads of helpful resources, join our Facebook page and support group. Check out our mama friendly e-book guide to using cloth nappies, easy reading for busy mothers!

Our nappies are covered by a 6 month manufacturers warranty for workmanship faults and material. Please note this does not include misuse, accident or not following the wash guidelines of Vivilino.